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Mobile Operators

Partner with SIMO - associate member of GSMA - to expand user reach, gain untapped markets, and increase profits.

Why partner with SIMO?

Digital sales channel

SIMO is a cloud platform to help mobile operators around the world to sell unused data capacity via a digital channel through our software app directly to users near its network coverage.

We are already helping over 200 MNOs and MVNOs worldwide to expand sales into the digital world, to realize vast revenue opportunities without the burden of the high cost of user acquisition.

Reach untapped markets

SIMO does not compete against mobile operators but helps expand digital sales to untapped markets such as smartwatches, notebooks, automobiles, and other IoT/smart devices.

Since our subscription service is embedded in millions of devices around the world, we help mobile operators reach new markets quickly without huge investments. It’s a win-win-win for consumers, device manufacturers, and mobile operators.